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Alex Costin Digital Marketing

Solutions to help lead generation, conversions, brand proliferation, and sales


Performing essential market research for big or small, new or old businesses since 2010

market research


It started in 2011, when, as a Digital Marketing Specialist I learned at university and then started focusing on advanced tools like market research, and now I am a market research analyst with huge experience of conducting, analysing and interpreting customers/competitors and market intelligence data from the marketing spectrum on advanced customer segmentation and product categories.

I am very passionate about offering high-quality and cutting-edge research as I have an understanding of the customers complex profile and understand business models and can tap directly into customers' habits, aspirations, and attitudes.


Increasing SEO (search engine optimization) visibility and ranks for websites since 2010

seo specialist


It started in 2007 when as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, I was responsible for analysing, reviewing, and implementing optimized websites to be indexed by search engines whilst also helping developing content to include keywords or phrases that later increase website traffic.

I conducted many tests in design, layouts, and advertising to gain more organic traffic.

I have in-depth knowledge of the complete package: keyword research, SEO copywriting, and search engine behaviours, engines like Google/Bing/Yandex.

I continuously learn and evolve hence I am up to date with the ever-changing landscape.


Offering competitive advantages to businesses via paid advertising since 2013

sem expert


Since 2013, working as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist, I performed tests, collected/analysed data, identified new trends and insights to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns.

I tracked, reported, and analysed websites analytics, pay-per-click (PPC) initiatives and campaigns successfully. I managed effectively campaign expenses, stayed-on-budget, estimated monthly campaign costs, and sorted out discrepancies.


Designing brands personalities, raising awareness and consistency since 2004

brand identity

Brand Identity

I started in 2004 as a Brand Identity Manager, as I was working for a giant photography corporation, and after many years of practice, experience and delivering successful brands, I acquired a strong background in brand design and its development, and have very strong experience in successfully creating and designing new brands that consumers like.


Launching businesses online via cost effective and reliable web design since 2007

website developer

Website Design

I first started learning HTML in the year 2007 and I created my first website afterward. I was motivated in improving my skills and learning advanced languages like CSS, XML, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP quickly. Shortly after, I advanced to CMS systems like Blogger and WordPress.

That`s how in 2011 I realised Drupal CMS is the best solution. I now create with ease websites that get rated as "Perfect" by search engines. I am aware of the existing Web Development industry, and new arising technologies.

I perform weekly maintenance and updates to existing client websites.

Important and unique is that my websites get ranked by Google as "Excellent" (website speeds) and this lands them on the 1st page of result.

Last but not least, I offer complete integration with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Measuring, tracking and planning cost effective ways to increase revenue since 2016

performance expert

Performance Marketing

In 2017 I started a 2 years A/B test on 50 websites to understand which type of content delivers best results.

One year later, and with 1000+ content pieces to examine, I started drawing conclusions and improving results.

Well into the second year of test, the results were fine tuned.

In 2019, 30 months later, I was getting every piece of content into the first position on Google, beating BBC, Sky, Business Insider and many other market leaders.

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1st SERP keywords on Google


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Worldwide markets experience


My business partners always receive great results for their online marketing. Guaranteed!

oxfam review

David Pinkney

"Alex has shown himself to be very willing, a quick learner, punctual, conscientious, hard-working, adaptable and capable of taking on any tasks..."

2let2 review

Waz Littleman

”Good website designer. He created 2let2cardiff dot com for us and it already occupies 90% of the 1st page results on both Google and Bing...”

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Juliet Mari

”extremely efficient, hardworking, responsible and honest. He has high level of photographic and IT skills and is also a constant source of fresh ideas...”

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