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Alex Costin

Digital Marketing ACE: SEO Specialist, SEM Expert, Social Media Influencer and Brand Ambassador

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Digital Marketing ACE

I, Alex Costin, offer solutions to help lead generation, conversions, brand proliferation, and sales:

Market Research


9 years plus offering business opportunities...

Brand Identity


16 years plus creating memorable brands...

Website Design


13 years plus creating 1st page websites...



13 years + as a SEO Specialist...



7 years + maximising SEM campaigns...

Social Media Influencere


10 years + experience Social Media Influencer...

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I am an expert with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, Baidu, Yandex, Drupal and Bootstrap



100+ successful projects launched


1000+ keywords on Google 1st SERP


Experience in the US, UK, ES, DE, IT, FR markets


My business partners always receive great results for their online marketing. Guaranteed!

David Pinkney / Oxfam Manager

"Alex has shown himself to be very willing, a quick learner, punctual, conscientious, hard-working, adaptable and capable of taking on any tasks..."

Waz Littleman / 2Let2 Cardiff

”Good website designer. He created 2let2cardiff dot com for us and it already occupies 90% of the 1st page results on both Google and Bing...”

Juliet Mari / Survivors Club Chair

”extremely efficient, hardworking, responsible and honest. He has high level of photographic and IT skills and is also a constant source of fresh ideas...”

Alex Costin - who am I?

- At the age of 7 I wanted to be able to speak many foreign languages.
I am now fluent in 5 and can communicate with 50% of the world's population!

- At the age of 18 I wanted to be a photographer.
I have traveled and photographed 20% of the world countries!

- At the age of 21 I wanted to learn digital marketing.
I became one of the best digital marketing specialists, able to launch products to 58% of the world population!

I ace the following skills:

FOREIGN LANGUAGES (boosts multitasking)

My experience with foreign languages started two weeks before I turned 7 years of age as my parents installed satellite TV into our house.
That gave me access to learning English by watching Cartoon Network and Italian by watching Rai 3 in less than one year, prior to starting learning French at school at 8 years of age.
After mastering these languages, I started learning Spanish at 14 years of age, German at 19 during university, Catalan at 25 years whilst visiting Catalonia for holidays and Portuguese at the age of 27.
This allows me to read tweets and news from different world sources and see a different reality from the one shown by local biased media.
Recent research shows that people who speak multiple languages use better their brains, have improved memory, are great at multitasking, and have improved decision-making abilities.


Although computers were very hard to acquire in 2000, I had access to them through internet coffees, where I even ended up working in two of these in my hometown.
This work allowed me to have access to a "playground" before I was able to buy my first computer.
Such access to a playground allowed me to learn the skills needed to be an IT wizard.
This helps me troubleshoot simple and even more complex problems a computer can encounter.

SOCIOLOGY / PSYCHOLOGY (improves measured rational decision taking)

As a small child, I had the "gift" to see when people were lying (as stories would not be genuine but misleading) or why they were saying what they were.
I later noticed - upon studying psychology and sociology - that the words that come out of people's mouth are the result of a thought or belief in their brain.
Further friendships with people from continents like Africa, America, Australia, and Asia allowed me to ask them questions about their backgrounds and interpretation of events and this further helped me open my mind and be probably the least judgmental person I know.
This also helps me better analyse data, thus helping to increase my analytical abilities.

GRAPHIC DESIGN (brings freedom to express imagination)

Upon graduating from high school and enrolling at the university, I started my 5th job - as a team member - for the FUJI dealership in my hometown.
Due to my great PC skills, after the initial one-month probation period I was quickly promoted to being a graphic designer (photo editor) whilst assisting the company with photography whilst the photographer was away on field duty.
This was further expanded by studying graphic design at university.
Graphic design nowadays is also used hugely in communication, where it is also known as "communication design" and is a position vital for every company as the designers can help with leaflets/banners and other brand awareness materials.

PHOTOGRAPHY (helps boost brand identity)

Working for FUJI as a photographer helped bloom a passion for photography as soon after starting work there, I ended up buying my own camera.
Unlike other "brand" shoppers, I was given the chance to test many cameras and see their performances.
This led me to have to choose between a FUJI, a SAMSUNG, and a SONY.
Sony has been covering my photo-taking gadgets since 2009.
The same SONY cameras allowed me to take photos for weddings, baptisms, school celebrations, nights out, parties, nature, holidays, etc. etc.
In digital marketing, photography can help a business by raising the brand awareness of its work on social media (like an album of photos posted on the company's Facebook page).

WEB DESIGN (brings critical thinking, analysis, evaluation and creation skills)

In 2007, upon realising that I am good at taking photos and editing them, my decision to start learning web design came naturally.
I started by learning basic HTML, followed by CSS and Flash.
At University I learned things like JavaScript, Java, Python, MySQL, and PHP.
I then realised a geeky life spent whilst coding was not for me hence I turned to use web applications like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla.
Drupal has been my favourite application which I have mastered throughout time.
I created in September 2016 the world`s first perfect website and all the websites I create nowadays have the required parameters to get on the 1st page of search engines.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (brings free traffic to your website)

Upon finishing Multimedia Computing at Coventry University, I realised that SEO is vital for the website's plan.
I started researching and trying out everything there is to know about referrals, organic search, and others.
My market research of companies and websites taught me that over 50% Of Small Businesses Don't Have a Website and this means businesses will become increasingly invisible until they vanish.
I learned everything needed to help those businesses for which I create websites by getting those websites through search engine optimization on the 1st page of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (helps small companies succeed online)

It`s the tool offered by search engines that allow less capable Search Engine Optimisation workers to get their website on the first page of a search engine.
I am a certified Google Partner and can easily optimise advertisement campaigns by increasing their quality scores, which in return increases their position in the auction of search engines.
This ultimately decreases their costs and increases revenue.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (helps people think out of the box)

I am now a Marketing Director for an SME in Cardiff, an SME where I help the company reach more customers through their website and social media network; as well as being a CEO for my own start-up, start-up where I offer web design services to businesses and individuals.
Recent research shows that experienced entrepreneurs are innovative, creative, and collaborative individuals.
I can easily also help your business development as an experienced Business Manager.

COUNSELING (helps prevent work-related stress)

I like meeting new people, talking to them, understanding their background, and defining traits.
I also enjoy helping them hence in 2012 I learned counseling in Worcester which helped me learn the techniques needed to be a good listener.
I can give impartial help to all my friends to help them resolve their problems.
Counseling, as shown by academic research, helps individuals with improved communication and interpersonal skills such as greater self-acceptance and self-esteem, better ability to change self-defeating behaviors/habits, increased expression, and management of emotions, including anger. faster relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions as well as increased confidence and decision-making skills.

LAW PROFESSIONALS (helps build credibility)

Between February 2013 - June 2014 I have studied the LLB Law (Fast Track) where I became proficient in the Internet, Criminal, Intellectual Property, Business and Contract Law; as well as Legal Skills.
Law is a fundamental part of any business and knowing its implications helps any small and medium-size business avoid penalties or wrongdoings.

DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST (helps any business succeed online)

And of course, when you know HTML, CSS, and other advanced features such as .xml, viewport, meta, etc; it`s very easy to start thinking of developing websites and digital marketing campaigns.
Either developing new ones or improving existing ones, my ability to speak several foreign languages also helps me translate content for visitors from other countries, visitors who use languages other than English.
Add my graphic design and photography skills to the equation and you got - if not the best digital marketing expert - a very efficient one.

Whether you`re selling bulk clothes, health insurances, city tours, real estates; whether`s you`re selling it in the USA, Europe, China, Russia or Africa ... I can help you...

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