Digital Marketing ACE Presentation!

"Google receives over 63,000 searches per second and it only takes 1 to generate a lead on your website" - Alex Costin

Digital Marketing ACE

A Digital Marketing ACE is a marketing professional, a digital specialists that can create brand awareness, help promote company’s product and/or services and generate leads and conversions.


  • Every second, 63 000 searches are made on Google.
  • Before showing a result to the search, Google takes over 200 factors into account and gives the best result to that search in a fraction of a second.
  • The average person is said to conduct 3–4 Google searches every single day.

Is your business ready for 1st position of a Google search?

Here is the list of objectives your business has to achieve to get customers from Google searches:

1 - your business needs to offer a service or a product that can be promoted online

2 - you need to perform a market research to know who is your target, your competition and others

3 - your business needs to be represented by a brand that customers will remember and share with friends

4 - your company's website must be complying with all of Google's algorithms (like Google Mobilegeddon)

5 - your website must be SEO ready so that Google, Bing and other search engines will show him in results

6 - last but not least, your business needs to have a social media presence for customers to engage with


I can help you.

I can do all the market research, I will build a brand identity for you, create a fast loading website that search engines will love, make it 100% SEO friendly, and create social media channels for your business to engage with its audience.

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  • Searches are made on words in the search box. These are called "keywords".
  • I will help you choose the best keywords that can bring the most traffic and customers to your website.

Market Research

12 years in market research means you will get access to the best opportunities for your business!


  • Each business is different.
  • Each business deserves its own brand.
  • I`ll help you with the unique selling point, logos, business cards, leaflets and all others advertising materials.

Brand Identity

Your brand will be shared by your customers!


  • Your web presence starts with information about your business (products/services, contact, photo gallery)
  • I`ll then create a fast loading website that will be loved by search engines
  • It will be featured on the 1st position of search engines


Your website will be loved and featured by search engines!


  • I`ll optimise your website pages with the keywords that your customers are looking
  • I will offer the necessary backlinks required
  • I will then promote it further on my website and blog


Guaranteed 1st Page Position!


  • I will set up social media profiles for your business
  • I will create organic campaigns to help you get followers
  • I`ll also give you access to over 50.000 Twitter followers and 1.000.000 Facebook fans.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media spotlight starts here!


  • I am a Google Certified Partner - I can help your business grow as no one else could!
  • I can help you setup high quality advertising campaigns to see results from the 1st day
  • I can optimise your existing campaigns to increase their quality score for a batter position and lower cost


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